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Reiki Courses

I started practicing Reiki for selfish reasons. With my giving career and natural tendency to be a helper, I was burning out. After I started practicing Reiki in 2001, I began giving myself Reiki every day. It has been transformative.

I have been teaching Reiki since 2003. My Reiki training is in the school of Usui Shiki Ryoho, which is in the direct lineage of Reiki's creator, Mikao Usui. My wonderful teachers were Toronto's Tanya Kornobis and Lynn Jenkins. I've researched and written my course material to provide a thorough understanding of what Reiki is, the history of Reiki, and all of its applications. I teach the three certification levels of Modern Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki:

Reiki Level I:  Activation of our capacity to channel Reiki. Working on others is encouraged, although the focus is on self-care. 4-6 hours of class time, depending on group size. 30-page manual, and guided 60-minute self-Reiki CD or MP3 included. Reiki I Certification fee: $300.

Reiki Level II:  Increase in channeling capacity. Focus on mental/emotional healing and distance healing. 4-6 hours of class time, depending on group size.15-page manual. Reiki Level II Certification fee: $300.

Reiki Master Sensei, Level III:  A serious commitment to continuing the Usui Reiki lineage with knowledge and integrity. Length of this course is highly personalized, according to the needs of each student. Reiki Master Sensei, Level III Certification fee: $500.

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