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Tarot for the Modern Human

I have been researching the Tarot and doing readings for over 20 years. While I've never considered reading professionally, lately many people have been reaching out for this guidance.

My approach to doing readings is not psychic by any means. While I'm certainly intuitive, I lay no claim to communicating with angels or seeing into the future. What I do, rather, is help the recipient to connect deeply with their own intuition and self-reflection. I interpret the spread as an unfolding story. Each card is not separate from the overall message. In this way, they become a tremendous tool for focusing on what is internal. 

In modern society we're called upon to look outward for signs and answers when we're in a quandary. Are we doing the right thing? Is the sum of our decisions leading to the most authentic and beneficial outcome? The cards give your Spirit Guides a vehicle to communicate, helping you to understand how you can better your life and the direction it is taking.

In my opinion, there are no "bad" or "scary" cards. The Tarot reflects aspects of your personal story, complete with the shadow and the light.

I work with 4 Tarot decks:


The Rider Waite Smith deck (1909), by Rider, Waite, and Smith 

Medicine Cards (1988) by Janice Sams and David Carson,

The Psychic Tarot (2007) by John Holland, and

Guardian of the Night (2020) by MJ Cullinane.

With Covid protocols, I have begun to do my readings online over Zoom. I've been able to make an energetic connection without the physical presence of the recipient by incorporating a distanced form of Reiki and a meditative focus. While many people may well find this concept a bit too esoteric, I ask that you suspend your skepticism! The readings are uncanny and speak for themselves.

By Appointment Only.

30 minute reading: $50

45 minute reading: $75

Jane Boyle Therapy, 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada